Latest developments in the world of digital cameras

What’s been happening in the world of latest digital cameras? To update with all the latest news and developments we have gathered the details on some of the latest new releases in the market of digital cameras.

Topping the charts of digital camera news is the newly launched slew of updates in firmware released by Fujifilm. These updates are for their cameras X-T1, X-E1, X-E2, and X-Pro1 models. This update will add the “AF+MF” function to all of these models which will finally render the X-T1 on the same line with the X-T1 Graphite Silver edition. Moreover this tweak is also said to add features like Q.Menu customization, PC tethered shooting support, offers Natural Live View and the most important of all it enables the electronic shutter in the on the X-T1 thus, allowing users to shoot at up to 1/32000 of a second.

To further give you knowledge of everything added to the X-T1 with this update, here’s a full list of added features:

1. Shutter sound tweak: the sound can be muted if desired with this new update.
2. More creative power can be brought to the X series with using the Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode.
3. The electronic shutter works at a high speed of a maximum speed of 1/32000sec.
4. The new natural live view is almost comparable to the naked eye view.
5. For fine tuning focus the new AF+MF works great.
6. One can directly select the AF area.
7. There is the EVF COLOR and the LCD COLOR control options located in the setup menu which can be used to adjust the hue of the LCD monitor and electronic viewfinder.
8. With this new update the AE-L / AF-L button which is currently locked will be interchangeable and can be unlocked based on the user’s preference.
9. With this update one can change the size of the Focus frame in the Manual Focus. With this new update the size of the Focus frame for Instant AF can be changed in the Manual Focus mode with the command dial.
10. You can do manual shooting in the video mode.
11. The update provides new frame rates of 50P / 25P / 24P.
12. Other feature like Instax Printer Print has been incorporated with this upgrade.
13. There has been addition of options in Function (Fn) settings as well.
14. It has been provided with three custom white balance slots.

Several other important and exciting features have been added with this new update that will render your device much more advanced and user friendly. For the complete list of specifications included in the update please visit,

In other digital camera news, the HTC Re Camera was launched in Singapore on 19th December. This model was first introduced in New York in October. This camera is like a periscope which will have hand held operation and 16MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and 146 degree ultra wide angle f/2.8 lens. This camera will be available for the price of S$348.

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