What’s new in the world of desktop computers?

In this article we have compiled some news recent developments in desktop computer reviews. A lot has happened within the past few months in latest desktop news. Firstly for starters, Raidon recently released its new InkTank iR2770 internal RAID module that allows users to two drives easily in RAID 0 or 1.

It is being said by the market experts that the new Raidon InkTank iR2770 internal RAID module is going to be a great gift for hardcore users who require high performance systems and crave for more storage. This module is basically one that allows users to easily put together two 2.5 inch drives in either RAID 0 or RAID 1. Another interesting feature about this module is that it fits easily into any 3.5 inch hard disk drive bay; hence, one does not need to use any special installation tools to configure it.

An added advantage with this module is that since it supports both RAID 0 and RAID 1 it can be used for both, maximum performance by using it in RAID 0 or for redundancy and security by implementing it in RAID 1. The Raidon InkTank iR2770 internal RAID module also uses a typical SATA 6Gbps interface. Although it uses a typical SATA 6Gbps interface the InkTank iR2770 internal RAID module is debated to be more appropriate for using with traditional hard disk drives, more so if you are looking to use it for increased performance by using it in RAID 0 configuration.

Because the single SATA interface will not be able to provide ample bandwidth for two SSDs if used in a RAID 0 configuration, that is the main reason behind using it with traditional hard disk drives. But despite this reason the Raidon InkTank iR2770 internal module can work well to provide fuss-free backups if the user wishes to configure it in RAID 0.

In other latest desktop news, the word on the streets is that the new Smart Desk from Dell looks something out of an Iron Man movie. If you have seen movies like Iron Man or Minority report you would be able to easily spot the similarities in between the high tech desktops shown in them with the newly launched concept of Dell’s Smart Desk PCs.

The wish of manipulating futuristic computer hardware systems has now been fulfilled by the developers at Dell. The experts are describing it as the combination of best of both worlds which further enhances its features and makes it more exciting.

This ingenious system allows users to have direct interaction with whatever it is that one is doing at their system without involving the use of other things like keyboard or even a mouse. This has been made possible by using a software based configuration.

Dell’s new Smart Desk is mainly focused at the design professionals based customer segment and it can be well perceived how the systems interactive features can be especially handy for such individuals. For example with this system 3D modeling would be similar to modeling with ordinary clay.

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