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Headphones are a staple necessity for every one of us. Not just for listening to music, headphones also work great in being used as high fashionable accessories as well. Here are the latest headphone product reviews to help you with your headphone buying guide.

The latest in headphone product reviews is about Audio Technica’s new ATH-MSR7 headphone that forms a landmark product. They have the ultimate comfort offering design and provide High Res audio for all systems. They are provided with large soft memory foam pads that fit very well in user’s ears. The ear profile grills in the housing are similar to the shape of your ear hence it fits perfectly and provides maximum comfort. This shape further enhances the products audio functions by enabling the lower end rich sounds to be more enhanced and perfectly audible.

The new ATH-MSR7 headphones also feature the latest features from high resolution audio, which are high resolution audio drivers that provide a precision diaphragm with an extra-lightweight voice-coil which further works towards bringing improved response times with least possible sound distortion, this is due to the use of 45mm “True Motion” Hi-Res audio drivers. The use these systems provide the listener with a rich and smooth audio with detailed sound quality.
The headphones also come with cables that can adapt to any circumstances. There is a 1.2m iS cable featuring in-line controls and a microphone in addition to the typical 1.2m cable which works for both Apple and android devices. Another 3.0 m cable is also offered with this headphone for listening to your favorite tunes at home. Moreover Audio Technica is also offering the users with a robust and very durable carry case for these uber stylish and highly functional headphones.

This headphone also has a housing that’s a mix of aluminum and magnesium layers due to which “dual layer air control technology” has been achieved. Hence with the use of these features the headphones act as lightweight and rigid structure that works towards reducing undesirable vibrations and also extends the mid to low frequency sounds for smoother listening experience. Also the built of headphone uses a special triple-venting acoustic airflow design that uses three vents that are placed with precision to perfectly control the airflow, thus, adding a more dynamic feel to the audio being played.

This new ATH-MSR7 headphone from Audio Technica is now available at all Audio Technica authorized stores for a price of S$278 for the choice of Black and Gun Metal colors. There is also a limited edition red color model being sold for a price of S$298.

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In other new headphone product reviews, the B&O PLAY has recently unveiled their latest product of ultra flexible, on-ear headphones called, the BeoPlay H2. This stylish new headphone was designed by Jakob Wagner, the Danish industrial designer. He is the man behind the BeoPlay H2, BeoPlay H6 and BeoPlay H3 sports. This headphone has been attributed a more clothing like appeal due to the use of textile in the headband and the ear cups. Thus making the headphones very compatible with modern lifestyles and giving it a highly fashionably aesthetic design.

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