Pain = Heal Me Here!

Last week my Preschool class took a field trip to the school’s Main Office to play at the playland there. I love field trips because I’m more of a kinesthetic and audio learner myself so being in that environment and out of the classroom is so refreshing.

Also, I won’t lie, it means less work and more play for me so… ☺

While the kids were thoroughly enjoying the ball pit decorated to look like the ocean (seriously SO CUTE), I sat down with one of my co-teachers and chatted about life. If you don’t already know, I’m an ESL teacher at a school in Taipei, Taiwan where their first language is predominantly Chinese. My co-teacher for this class is really cool and knows a high level of English, so we always share stories and ask each other questions whenever we get a chance to. On here, I’ll call her R.

I told R the story of the night before when I had substituted for a class at a different branch and realized as I reached for my umbrella that I FORGOT IT. Ugh. So I hurried back, quickly ran up two flights of stairs and, as I was about to clear the last step, my foot caught on the ledge and I went down. Hard. My backpack came up over my head, my water bottle opened and made a big puddle on the floor, and my knee was throbbing from landing on it with my full weight directly on the tile floor. What’s even better is that there was a small group of young students walking towards the stairs at the time. They were so shocked and didn’t know what to say so they literally kept walking right passed me with eyes and mouths wide open. Awkward.

I pulled up my pant leg and showed R my knee, which was already a light shade of purple from the fall the night before. She gasped and told me how I should add pressure to it and rub in a circular motion or it’ll become a really bad bruise. I realized that although it hurts like hell, the pressure and manual stimulation actually helps the lymphatic system pick up the old blood from the broken vessels and clear it away faster, which speeds up the healing process.

So, yeah. She was basically telling me to play with my bruise and stick a finger in it! Although I’ve studied quite a lot about Chinese medicine independently and am currently living immersed in the culture, this info was surprising to me. How had I not thought about that before??? It makes perfect sense, once you think about it, and it’s so easy. DUH. Wow.

Rainbow bruises are the worst. They take forever to heal and they turn gross colors. No rainbow bruises, thank you.

Maybe the reason why I didn’t quite put it together before is because of the culture, society, and belief systems that I was raised (and “programmed”) in. Basically, my brain is used to working a certain way to make connections and thoughts that are directly correlated to my environment, culture, education, etc. Some call this “EGO” and some may call it “Karma.” Either way, it’s not authentic and it’s not real.

Have you ever met a person who traveled abroad who came back afterwards exactly the same? No. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Every person comes back a drastically different person, seemingly much wiser than when they left. That’s because traveling and witnessing other cultures, lifestyles, and ways of being open us up to the infinite possibilities in life. It shows us what is ACTUALLY important, as opposed to what what we’re TOLD is important.

“It shows us what is ACTUALLY important, as opposed to what we’re TOLD is important.”

So, what I’m getting at here is that authenticity and truth comes from experience and being open to receiving new information. You can’t find the truth in any situation by having a closed mind. You’re literally allowing yourself to live in a lie that way. Does anyone really want to live in a lie? Deep down — No. So, open up! Allow yourself to explore the possibilities of the universe! It’s exilerating and really fun. Everything in your reality is begging you to expand your consciousness.

Do it.

Oh, and there’s another message to be explored in this story

On that day at the play place when R reminded me of my expanding view of the world and my growing consciousness, there was also a much deeper level to her message, whether she knew it or not.

Instead of shying away from the pain of my bruise in order to allow time to let it heal, she revealed that you can actually prevent the bruise from even forming (and also healing it faster once it’s formed) if you explore it a little bit — really get in there and give it a little massage, a little love.

How does this translate to my life?

By being aware of where the “hurt” or “pain” is and actively choosing to give it some love, you’re actually healing it quickly, and sometimes instantaniously.

Remember in my last post when I talked about our micro and macro universes? Well, it’s your lucky day because it 100% applies here. What I mean is that this “technique” can be applied inward as well. In fact, I suggest inward healing work first, always.

I’m giving you permission right now (and the Universe is!) to find those hurts. Find your blocks. Dig through and see where it is painful. But, once you do that, don’t waste time trying to define the story of “why” this hurt is there. Don’t thoroughly examine it. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS, you don’t need to figure out why.

The reason I say this is because too often we get stuck on trying to create (or recreate) a story around past wounds and trauma. This makes it easier to sit in the “woe is me” energy and keeps us from healing it. It may also make us want to shy away and tell ourselves that time will heal it. But, alas, time is an illusion, my friend. And, as R taught me, giving love to the hurt heals it. Allowing time to do it results in those gross, ugly rainbow bruises. Ew.

So, I keep talking about giving it love. What does that mean?

Okay, so this is so simple that you may kick yourself for not realizing it earlier, like I did. I literally mean giving it love. It’s actually that simple. I do this through visualization (aka, my imagination. It’s amazing how powerful our minds are).

This is a tool coined “The Mirror Exercise,” created and implemented by Twin Flames and Spiritual Teachers Jeff and Shaleia. You can find them on Youtube, facebook, and on their website Their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, outlines the exercise in full.

This is an incredibly simple way to clear and heal emotional wounds and patterns, permanently.

I’ll give you a little taste of step 4 — visualize yourself going inside of your heart center, this can be anything from a crystal ball, a physical room, an orb of white/green/pink light… whatever you see is the right answer for you. Find yourself there, I like to visualize my inner child waiting for me, and ask yourself what they/you need in order to heal this. Then, in your mind’s eye, DO IT. Another hint…the answer will always be some kind of love. If you’re bad at visualizations, like I was at first, just try to picture yourself hugging yourself as a young child. Talk to them and tell them what they need to hear. Give them what they need. Give them love. Don’t stop until it feels right. It may take minutes or hours…honor that time with yourself.

I’ve done this many, many, many times to heal old upsets and wounding from my past. Sometimes I’ll start tearing up during the visualization, sometimes I’ll have no physical reaction, and sometimes I’ll start bawling uncontrollably and curl into a tight ball and shake. But, don’t be fooled. There isn’t always a correlation between inner work and outer change right away. It is something you must work on to see the results. But, trust me, the results come and are more than worth it.

Choose you. Choose you and you begin to see the authenticity and truth of the world. Always choose you.

Oh, when it comes to bruises, by all means…stick a finger in it!

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