No, You Aren’t Even Linking Correctly

Yes, you may have been on the internet for a while, but you are probably still pretty awful when it comes to link URLs.

We use links almost everywhere. The most popular websites like Google, Wikipedia & Reddit have links at their heart. In fact, how many times other people link to you determines how high you are ranked on Google. Links are very important, but that makes the fact that we are doing them wrong even sadder.

The Internet Is Smart

Websites have gone from text with connections into a dynamic, information rich medium for information and data. We saw that revolution occur a while ago, but links haven’t gotten so smart.

We, to this day, force our friends, family, students and coworkers to type massive lines of random characters to get access to the extensive data the internet holds, and that issue will only get worse as good URLs become more and more obscure.

And Thus, URL Shortening Was Born!

Google, YouTube and many others have been working at making URLs even shorter as even more obscure domain names like .ca and .fm become the rage. Thus, having a url like makes sense.

But How Can I Make My URLs Smarter?

There are a bunch of services (the best ones will be dynamically displayed below) that help shorten your url so its more type-able and share-able.

Why is that important? Deep Analytics. Know when, how, where and who are finding out more so you can make what you do even better and more optimized.


With all of the links on the left, we are able to get endless amounts of data. On the right, we get no data.

With all of the links on the left, we are able to fit more on character limiting websites like twitter. On the right, we can barely say anything.

So it’s a pretty simple choice. The question is why so many people and professionals still make the wrong decision.


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