So, About Podcasts

If you aren’t listening to podcasts, you are really missing out.

Podcasts have been around for a while. Since the early 2000's, using RSS feeds to notify people when there was new audio wasn’t even revolutionary then, let alone now.

But yet, they feel like a relatively new thing. That’s because they were mostly in decline since most podcasts attempted to be a passive experience similar to music, but with people talking.

Yet, this fundamentally changed after the launch of podcasts like Serial.

Podcasts, unlike music has attempted to do, redefined themselves to be active.

What Does This Mean In Application?

It means that podcasts are no longer designed to be done with concentration requiring tasks like writing, calculating, creative thinking etc.

Instead podcasts are meant to be consumed when the tasks are rudimentary like getting up in the morning or your daily commute.

There are excellent podcasts like What’s Tech, Radiolab, StoryCorps, The Slack Variety Pack, Freakonomics, The Vergecast, Hello Internet, Upvoted For Reddit, Intelligence Squared, Invisibilia, Dear Hank And John & More.

So what are you waiting for?

— Have It Done

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