Haven in the Cloud

Haven Studios Inc
2 min readOct 1, 2021


By Leon O’Reilly, Haven Studios co-founder & CTO

At Haven Studios, we believe in the cloud.

Creating a new and modern game development studio has given us the opportunity to do things differently, and our ethos is to put the cloud at the center of everything that we do.

We are building a game development studio in the cloud.

Yesterday, I joined a group of industry leaders at the ggaide conference to discuss the future of the cloud in game development.

We have the chance to move away from the type of legacy physical infrastructure that can become rigid and cumbersome, and lean into the cloud as the place to build and run all of our key services.

In a world where we are now increasingly working remotely as a result of the global pandemic, the cloud gives us the flexibility to work wherever and however we want today and in the future.

Utilizing the cloud allows us to easily and dynamically scale our infrastructure both horizontally and vertically to meet our needs. We are not constrained by physical space or supply chains, we can move with agility at the exact pace we need. We are focused on optimizing the environment for games developers, increasing the power they have at their disposal for important tasks and reducing iteration times.

Starting something new has also given us the opportunity to take a fresh approach to our software stack as well as our hardware stack. We are adopting new and modern programming languages for our cloud development needs. We are focusing on Go, for it’s integration with the online APIs that we use, and Rust for it’s high performance, memory safety and robustness.

We are also innovating in how we organize our engineering teams. We are moving away from the old concept of having engineering silos with members of limited scope. We have no I.T. team or build engineers; instead our engineers have broad mandates to build tools and systems that span the full stack from engine into the cloud. We are democratizing how we engineer in this domain, and letting everyone be a participant. This means that we can build fully holistic solutions that cover the entire problem space.

After decades working at large companies that often creaked under the weight of their legacy tooling, it’s incredibly liberating to start with a blank canvas and to be able to mold our own future. I’m incredibly excited and optimistic about what utilizing the cloud in this way can do for games development.

We have experts at the company who are pushing this forward, and we are looking for passionate developers to join our growing team. If this approach to game development resonates with you, and you would be interested in opportunities at Haven Studios, please reach out and let us know.