It is not only your view, is “the” view, which generates a cyclical effect (as evidenced on most of…
Vanessa Praça-Correa

I agree with many of your remarks and I don’t see myself representative for “the view” you’re talking about at all. Never did I say I’m ok with that, I’m simply stating that using vile or sexual language doesn’t make someone a misogynist. The comparison with women who talk this kind of talk, is just to get the subject out of the “anti-Trump”-ness that can cast a shadow over ones judgement on the issue. For example, I personally don’t find women who would use that kind of talk to be men-haters. You also suggest I am normalizing this, while my main intention is pointing out that the discussion will be much fairer if you can separate the issue from the person you oppose.

Can you understand what I mean?

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