Religion and disability

I am not a vicar nor an Islamic scholar but just a lay person who seek solace at the mercy of Allah The creator and the All knowing. I have a strong believe that Allah created man so man can worship and worship him alone. Again I believe that God love mankind, what he created irrespective of their disabilities. The Deaf and the Blind are equally Blessed as anyone of us.

Comments that try to portray that people who have no disabilities have been favoured more that the disabled is not a fair judgement.

It’s time to remove all discriminatory elements, and provide systems and structures that facilitates inclusion. We are not better than them!! Allah Wata Allah controls the destiny of man. He knows why they are blind or deaf. Support them to also say Alhamdilla. Lets work together to help bring the disabled in our daily lives and not let them feel they are a pity and disadvantaged. And if they are, we made them so.