How the Innovation of Sandals Began in Hawaii

Hawaiian sandals are designed and manufactured to withstand high temperatures and diverse terrain. Hawaii is comprised of the most remote islands on this planet. Most items still have to be transported in via freight or air today. So how did sandals and Hawaiian flip flops come to be made by a local company?

Boots First

The Hawaii sandal company began as a manufacturer of boots for workers on pineapple and sugar plantations in 1932. World War II all but halted materials from getting from the mainland to the islands. The situation was one of desperation for the owners of the company. The two choices available were to close the business, or change how manufacturing was done.

Sandals Second

Owners, who were originally from the mainland, switched to designing and manufacturing Hawaiian sandals because they required much less material. The open and comfortable lightweight footwear became popular quickly. Lines are available online for men, women, and children.

Unique Features

An exceptional warranty backs up these styles. Sine they are high-quality, they will be replaced as long as the outer dole is not worn. Called the “lifetime of the sole” it is one of the most creative warranties in the shoe industry.

Inhabitants native to the islands tended to be smaller than average people. Excellent nutrition and daily exercise meant people were slight. The sizing for these particular styles run one half size smaller that regular sizing.

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Online Sizing

That fact simply emphasizes the importance of referring to the size chart on any website prior to ordering. Different websites may originate from a different country, size to a particular target audience, or have one size fits all sizing. An extra large tunic on a misses fashions website, for example, will not be the same size as an extra large tunic on a website that caters to big and beautiful women.

Other Tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping provides lower pricing and the widest selection of products available. That is due to a lack of space limitations and minimal overhead. There are a few things to be aware of when buying online. Return and exchange policies vary from site to site. Review those before ordering anything on any website.

Many customers find themselves with products that do not fit, do not work, or are not what was ordered. The inability to return those items results in a complete waste of time and money. A cheap price is no consolation for useless merchandise. Shop wisely and order carefully to take full advantage of the benefits of shopping on the internet.

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