Why Hawaii? 10 Reasons That Make It A Perfect Wanderlust Getaway!

Every year, more than 8 million tourists flock together to Hawaii with 60% majority visitors hailing from the US mainland. On an average, the tourists spend at least 9–10 days on the islands, which clearly shows how loved this place is. It is its weather, its beauty, its food, its people and its culture and traditions that attracts people from across the globe.

Hawaii boasts of its humongous 400 plus beaches which is obvious to be the center of tourist attraction in Hawaii. But there is something more than these fantastic Hawaii beaches and the scintillating scenic backdrops which attract the vacationists from all over the world.

Let’s together find out the top 10 reasons that make Hawaii a must visit at least once in a lifetime:-

  1. Just The Perfect Weather One Would Ever Wish For!

Intermediate between too hot and too cold, the temperature of Hawaii suitably stands steady from 80–85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. While the summer remains dry and the winter wet, every single island brags of its area that is specifically well-known for the whole day sunshine. However, the cool trade winds provide the right respite to the tourists from getting their bodies heated up. The rains render the islands lusciously green.
And, this is what makes the destination Hawaii wedding the most exotic destination wedding.

2. The Incredible Tradition And Culture Of Hawaii!

Perhaps the only state in the USA which marks its uniqueness through its minority population that forms the majority! While the Hawaiians who sailed long back from the Polynesian islands to the Hawaiian islands are termed as original Hawaiians, other Hawaiian population includes the Caucasians, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Latinos, etc. Thus, Hawaii being the hotspot of diverse cultural heritage and many traditions has always been one of the chief reasons of tourist attraction in Hawaii.

3. Volcanoes Like Never Seen Before!

How about witnessing the volcanic eruptions live? Yes, once you are in Hawaii, you will surely get to see the overflowing hot lava for the volcanic eruptions are regular here. The Big Island is a home to four active volcanoes and its Hawaii National Volcano Park provide you a live experience of the eruptions as well as feed you with all the necessary details and information. One of its active volcanoes is the Kilauea which is also the world’s most active volcanoes from the past 30 years.

While on Kauai, the visitors are provided a helicopter ride to the inside of the crater of Mt. Waialeale which is among the wettest spots on the planet, on Oahu, tourists are allowed to visit the Diamond Head’s top, and on Maui, the summit of Haleakala is a must visit to witness the dawn.

4. Food That Rejuvenates Your Taste Buds!

Landing in Hawaii and not tasting its cuisines is like going to have a beach-time without getting wet in the waters. The 1991 culinary revolution of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine brought its diverse traditional food to the limelight. Hawaii not only serves the melting pot of different cultures and heritage but also of their respective delicious cuisine. This makes the Hawaiian traditional food items worth tasting for!

5. It’s A Home To Endangered And Rare Species Of Wildlife!

Its rich wildlife fascinates the tourists the most. Be it the endangered ‘honu’ (green sea turtle), the whales, the dolphins or the monk seals, you will find them relishing their good times in their Hawaiian homeland. However, as per the Hawaiian laws, you are not allowed to touch or get too close to them.

6. Incredible Ocean life!

Hawaii is the home of unbelievably exciting, fulfilled water activities. You will get to explore its ocean life through surfing, boogie boarding, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, snuba, and many more. If you want to explore the Hawaiian ocean world without getting wet then there are other provisions also such as catamaran and other sailing options, whale watches, zodiac raft tours, sunset and dinner sailing tours, deep sea fishing tours, etc. When in Hawaii, flying high above the sea waves is also possible via parasailing!

7. Hawaiian Beaches- The Great Source Of Lust!

What makes these fantastic Hawaii beaches the most crowded throughout the year is that all of them are public! Hawaii even gives you many options of beach colors that you would wish to select. Ranging from white sand beaches to yellow, red, black, and green, Hawaii has it all.

8. Hawaii Too Has Got Its Happening Nightlife!

Besides, its beach life and wonderful ocean life, the islands have got their unique and amazing nightlife to be savored by all the visitors. Hawaii’s international bar outlets offer you with very fine quality and high-class drinks you would ever wish for. Hawaii is among the best brew holders of the world. Dance parties, discos, happening DJ nights, live music concerts, and other international acts always seem to be on the list.

9. Hawaii’s Beauty Lies Not Only In Its Beach Waters But Also In The Surreal Hawaiian Sky!

Some of the island beaches are mainly popular because of the admirable sunset and sunrise scenes that they share. Stargazing in Hawaii’s crystal clear sky is the best thing to happen in anyone’s life.

If planning for a Hawaiian getaway, do not forget to carry a camera to capture these beautiful moments spent with the heavenly Hawaiian sky for many unimaginable Skyscape activities, which happen only in Hawaii.

10. Last But Not The Least, The Friendly And Lovely Native People!

Once you return from your Hawaii vacation, the first thing that you are going to miss is the native people of Hawaii. Everyone practices the Hawaiian law of ‘Aloha Spirit’ here, which is well depicted through their friendly, caring, and warm, welcoming nature to whoever visits their homeland.

It is never too late to include Hawaii on your bucket list. Now, having got to know the top 10 reasons to visit Hawaii, when are you buying your tickets?



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