He did not find me interesting.
Audrey Schiffhauer

How do you know any of this when you didn’t give him the chance? You judged him without even possibly knowing the whole story. I didn’t mean to be rude to you, it’s just extremely frustrating being on the other side of this. There is almost always something more to the story. Sure some guys are jerks but it’s far from all of us. The 2016 part I stand by, just read the news. That’s fine if you don’t want to interact with me, like I said before you have that right in any conversation as a human. I’m just saying maybe be in less of hurry to judge and realize that we are all in this same game called life, we are all searching for that right person to experience life with. How can someone new get to know you for who you really are if you just lock them out because they gave you a compliment. I promise you he was not thinking “I’m going to go ruin her day… I’m going to tell her she’s pretty”

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