Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

As a Canadian I’ve watched things unfold for the last 20 years down there. I think I can be a little objective. And what I see boils down to this: Rage. Your Republican party members could not get over black people coming up in society, let alone BECOME PRESIDENT. The hatred has just ramped up like a volcano. Pure and simple racism. The whole healthcare issue is a scapegoat, yeah sure you americans have it beaten in your heads that it’s an individual’s responsibility, but you just used that to smear Obama with becasue it was handy. Canada too once had private health insurance, but we got OVER IT. And let’s not forget your selfish obsession with guns, letting NRA bowl you over, taking the money from them and turning a blind eye while school children are massacred, making the Democrats hate you even more.

And the Democrats, yes, you guys sucked up to Wall Street- gave more ammunition to the republicans to hate you. Should have taxed Wall Street & Big Corporations when you had the chance.

And now you have this mentally deranged person who took up with the one party who is the most hypocitical and is subtly implying that (mexicans, muslims, blacks etc) are taking your jobs, using up the world’s resources etc. so they must be barred from entering or residing in your country. They are now the scapegoats.

And aside from all this, if this madman doesn’t throw the world into a nuclear war, he will decimate through his selfish denial of climate change.