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Being a native Torontonian, I can say that the crack is widening. But, it’s much more prevelant in Quebec. I read an article about a woman from the US who has moved to Toronto as a “test run”, after trump was elected. I scrolled down to see the viewers comments and what I found scared me. See this link

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. If you need verfication of this, see this link:

We do have some racism but it’s not nearly the extent of what it is in the US. My own opinion is because our government abolished slavery and enacted voting rights for blacks in the 1830’s versus the US in 1964. As well the Canadian government is striving to make amends with the chinese community for past abuses building the canadian railways etc, and our native indians for the abuses against them.

Regarding Quebec, they are extremely protective of their heritage. Because of our French lanuage laws, they are sometimes racist against people from Ontario — our province shares the Quebec border. Quebec has lovely old cobblestone streets and cathedrals that remind one of Paris, France. You would swear you’re in France when visiting. Quebecer’s see the onslaught of muslim women wearing face coverings and mosques as a threat to their landscape and culture. Montrealer’s are more diverse, more english speaking and more tolerant. The same cannot be said of old Quebec city. They defend their french language laws, street signs, shop signs etc. read this article for more details on this aspect:

Just like the US, we have pockets of more racist elements in our society. Mostly older generation have expressed intolerance, hence many white people will move to the suburbs or country. I say this because some of my own aunts and uncles have expressed these views. I hear this from many co-workers, friends, and acquaintences. Before the onslaught of muslim refugees, these attitudes were not being voiced, am I to assume people felt uncomfortable but just didn’t voice them? All I know is I’ve seen more verbal demonstrations in the last 5–10 years. Canadians didn’t complain about the high numbers of India’s immigrants, jamaican’s, etc. It’s just been with muslims.

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