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Since a child, I’ve been facinated with the craft. As an adult now, I’m well versed in many essential oils and use them regularly for fragrances. I bought a simple discounted book on spells. It’s in my closet because I’m afraid to use it. I grew up as Anglican(canada’s version of Episcopalian I think) but don’t go to church. According to the doctrine, we’re not supposed to worship other gods etc. I believe that jesus existed as a human, but not sure about all that walking on water stuff was true. So, what I’m trying to say is, if it was all true and I die I’d probably at the very least get banned from heaven because I practiced the craft! yikes, I sound silly, but I’ve actually been thinking about it. I’ve had this affinity for nature since a small child, spent half the summers in the canadian wilderness till I was 16. I commune with nature and I think on a large part witchcraft is really a celebration of nature in a large sense. Do I make sense?

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