Apparently Freedom Sounds like White Privilege
Chloe Greene

Yes, white privlege does exist and any white person that denies it is either not being honest or is very far removed from society. My husband and I are both white canadians. My husband is a drywall taper and leaves for work 5:30am. He sometimes drives through a commercial/industrial are on his route. He has been discriminated by police a few times, he wears his baseball cap backwards due to his long hair. He’s driving in the wee hours of the night when it still dark. Gets pulled over, and herein lies the difference between a black person and him. My husband goes ballistic, he raises his voice, mouths off, “what because I’m wearing my hat backwards and driving slowly through this neighbourhood I’m obviously casing it to break & enter?”. He tells them they’re like rape hounds, says all sorts of negative things to them. And all that happens is he gets a ticket for a blown turn signal. When he was young and was stopped by the police hanging out with friends in the middle of the night, the cops would take him and friends and drive them to a place called cherry beach and beat the crap out of them. So, when he was young, he was treated just like black boys, but as an adult, he is treated differently now.

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