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I am writing code ever since I learned how to use a keyboard and I still think that nothing beats the feeling of seeing your code runs as you expect.

A look at the responsibilities of a software architect

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This article is definitely a lot different than my previous ones. For some time now, I’ve really wanted to write a few theoretical articles and share my thoughts on being a software architect at a startup. Let’s start with a little bit about what I actually do in my day job.


If you’ve read some of my writing, you know it has something to do with the cloud, containers, security, and many more buzzwords. But what does it actually mean? What am I doing in my day-to-day work?

For me, it is actually much easier to explain the architect position…

How to provide secure HTTPS access to your Kubernetes deployment endpoints on Amazon EKS

Image by Pixabay

Table of Contents

The idea
Setting Up an Ingress Controller
Installing ingress-nginx
Setting an external IP
Setting Up a Certificate Issuer
Installing cert-manager
Adding support for private VPCs
Providing DNS access
Deploying the certificate issuer
Setting Up Your Ingress


So you have all your load running in a state-of-the-art Kubernetes cluster, and everything is running smoother than ever.

Moreover, since everything is inside a VPC, it feels like the security issue has already been addressed. That is true at some level: If everything was configured correctly, there can be no external access to the cluster resources.

But we still need…

How to setup JumpCloud with RADIUS to grant your organization users SSH access to VPN machines with no internet access using their domain credentials.

Table of Contents


Our organization development environment resides, obviously, inside a VPN. Starting small, initially we managed our VPN users manually. …

Omer Hanetz

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