Why Am I Here?

Hello there! Just a friendly warning before you indulge in my (most probably, boring) article. This is not an article about self-awareness or deep thoughts about “self”. This is just a simple article of another random guy who thought he’d write his first article — just to find some inspiration to write a good article next or for people who are trying to figure out who I am.

Currently this is my most recent last time that I did something for the first time!


I have always hoped to start a blog on my own. Being a web developer and a software engineer myself, I wanted to build a simple blog engine and host my own website to write.

It’s been years and still I have not done it. No blog, no website — just simple procrastination thinking that I am going to do it someday. Finally, I gave it up.

Why? It’s pretty simple. It is also the reason why I am here, writing this article. I finally understood, what’s important in this particular goal of mine. It is to write and share. Write something meaningful that would help, inspire someone else to think and change. To reach an audience who are open to thought and would want to listen/criticize. To find some real intellect online — I want to believe that there are more than just show-offs, blind-faiths, die-hard political fans and keyboard heroes.

So here I am writing my first article/blog-entry on “Medium” since I found that here. I hope I would contribute to creating a open-minded, no-bull-shit, intellectual and friendly community here on “Medium”.

Am I here?

Of course. not. I don’t know.

I want to be here — be a part of this community. I don’t know if it will work out or not. You tell me!

Thank you for wasting time on this useless piece of article! It just lets me know that you care.

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