A health-conscious person who hardly got sick and regularly observed breast health care measures, Nina Hughes Anderson never suspected she would be diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), which is a very rare yet aggressive type of the disease.

In the self-published book “The Bumble Bee Miracle: a Story of Survival from Inflammatory Breast Cancer”, Anderson reveals through her experience why many women affected with inflammatory breast cancer do not survive this disease. She also narrates how this dreadful illness can be prevented.

Anyone can be a victim of breast cancer. Surprisingly, some types of breast cancer do not appear on a mammogram and it is possible that one can get breast cancer even without spotting a lump.

Anderson believes that no woman should go through the same horrible experience she had with inflammatory breast cancer. Through her miraculous survival and her self-published release, she hopes to educate and encourage women about the symptoms of IBC as well as ways to cope with the disease and keep IBC at bay.

In The Bumble Bee Miracle, Anderson also aims to give women with IBC the hope that they too, just like her, can survive.

About the Author
 Nina Hughes Anderson is a breast cancer survivor for the last five years now. She is married and has two daughters, one of whom she lost in a tragic car accident. She retired in 2006 after spending most of her career in the accounting and finance industry. She has also been a servant-leader in her church as well. Her book, The Bumble Bee Miracle is a testament to her amazing story of survival, her faith and God’s infinite love.

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