The last two days was my niece graduate from kindergarten, and later on to begin her education journey in the first class of the primary school.

I miss my days in kindergarten, I miss the kids I played with and sad for those who are sticking in my mind but can’t remember their names, only old faces. and i’m ambiguous about the life they’re living, the goals and dreams they’re looking for.

But Mama Khadija my first teacher in life, the one who can give all love and care for all of us just like her kids i’ll never forget her. The lovely moments and details that are related to her i’ll be sure to keep it deep in my heart.

Now in less then month, i’ll be finishing my 2nd year of studying in the university. 
I feel grateful for every teacher gave me all of her/his knowledge, they didn’t teaches me only the things they are specific in, they taught me values, a meaning to be a human, giving and believing. They were not the one who encourage me to get only A in their courses, they were the one who cared about educating my mind about the real world and provide for us the opportunity to close our eyes and imagine, opportunity to reject and agree, to discuss and to THINK!

“Stand up in respect for your teacher, for a teacher’s status is almost as high as that of a messenger (prophet)“. - Ahmed Shawqi, Arabian poet

They made a significant positive effect on me and I owe them to achieve what they believed in, to see a new version of me.

Thanks for every teacher I met in my education road, it couldn't be better without you, you build a complete generation reflect the kind soul of yours and this is a fact.

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