Day one and second night post op

Monday night came and went without a hitch. The first night is generally a breeze due to the local anaesthetic which usually lasts 24 hrs. True to form, ambulating was easy on Tuesday and I even progressed to crutches. Targin and an endone every four hours was enough to manage the pain.

It was about 6pm Tuesday when things started to go pear shaped. My pain escalated dramatically, and not even the panadol, Targin and two endone every two hrs could keep it under control. I just had to struggle through. Nearly fainted going to the toilet during the night and felt like being physically ill from the pain.

I had a long talk to the surgeon, Michael Pritchard this morning and he said that I have very hard cortical bone (the outer layer of bone) and as a consequence had to hammer the hell out of the thigh bone prosthesis to get it into place. No wonder I am so sore. In some ways this is good news at it hopefully means that once the bone grows in and around the prosthesis it’s not going anywhere for a long time.

Wednesday morning could not come soon enough. Steph came in and after more drugs, a hot shower and a back massage I finally felt like the pain was under control again. I kept up the regular endone every two hrs just to make sure.

After lunch I managed to get myself onto my side with a pillow between my legs and finally got a good two hrs sleep.

I woke up feeling like I may have finally turned the corner.

Time will tell if the night goes smoothly enough for me to go home Thursday. I Will keep you posted!

The physio came in and progressed me onto the stairs. Here I am in my groovy grandpa slippers

“Good leg to heaven bad leg to hell.”

The wound is clean and dry but the bruising is starting to finally come out.