The need to be a patient patient.

So good news, the pain from my little slip has settled.

It’s so beautiful down at the beach house. I have forgotten how quiet it is down the coast during the week. Perfect for my recovery. The wound has healed completely so now I have begun my hydro program. I use the crutches to walk into the bay up to my waist which is a perfect depth for my exercises and I don’t need to use my crutches at this depth. That allows me to work on my gait pattern and do all my hip strengthening exercises. The down side is its FREEZING. After about 10 min I walk out and have a nice hot shower at the yacht club. I then repeat the above. Perfect recovery program! All that time standing in the bay has got me thinking about designing a full recovery program for my hip replacement patients. They could sign up for either a six or twelve week program which covers three sessions a week incorporating one on one assessments, customized exercise programs, group sessions, massage, hydrotherapy, both in the bay and in a hydro pool, advice on using the optimum amount of medication to achieve exercise and comfort goals, weaning off medication, and reaching realistic post op goals.

Another revelation has been the use of compression tights. I think they have made a huge difference.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since the op. I can walk around with one crutch now which has freed me up greatly. I can finally carry light things and still get around.

The next challenge will be to have enough confidence to transition to full weight bearing. Even now I just don’t feel confident enough. It’s weird, it feels like my leg will just collapse if I walk without at least one crutch or something to lean on. It will need to change a lot before I can walk independently for any length of time.

Time will tell.

Chat soon