Maybe this is what they meant about men and driving, that they are somehow inseparable. I recently just learned how to drive. Well I wouldn’t say recently. I know how to drive since high school, but I never had the chance to practice.

And now, I have all the freedom to practice and travel.

Driving is freedom. The sensation seems just like of flying, though I have never tried it before. It feels as if I am in the air just placidly floating besides other motorists. The breeze, a foul mixed concoction of smoke and cold air, when breathed in makes me think that I am in the sky above cities just like that of New York. The wind as it kisses my face feels refreshing. It makes me think of cold springs. And the touch of the cold moving air against my whole body is renewing. The sensation of travel coating my body in driving just leaves me with excitement and euphoria.

I could remember those times when I was a child that I was such a huge fan of vehicles: cars, jeepneys, motorcycles, backhoes and basically anything with wheels. I guess most boys do. I dream of learning how to drive, and knowing that I now can is more than satisfying for the little kid inside me.

But what I think is the most amazing about driving is you don’t have to think about it. My body just automatically do it. I just need to let my hands to control the wheel, my eyes and ears to be with the road and my soul to just do it. I do not need think about balancing. My own system somehow unconsciously does it. It works like the reflexes in the human body, only relaxing.

Although today to be able to drive is not to brag about since almost all could do it, I am still proud of myself and I am truly happy I learned it. Driving is a skill to learn and a skill to love.

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