No room for a train table? No problem!

3 min readSep 2

Growing up I had a train table in my basement. It was something no one else I knew had. To this day that remains true. I still have a fondness for model trains because of that, and saved the trains for years even after moving out from my childhood home.

This year, I finally got around to taking those trains out of storage. They were in much rougher shape than I remembered, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I bought some new engines and track and went to work restoring the old train cars. But there was a problem… I didn’t have a train table. Where were would I setup the trains? I wanted the train in my office, but there was no room for any HO scale layout. Or so I thought.

After some pondering, I set out to see if I could develop some type of wall mount system using my limited 3D modeling skills. The goals were simple. (1) There should be no need to modify the track itself. (2) The parts should be mountable to the wall quickly. (3) The parts should be easily printable as I was going to need quite a few for the project.

After a few days of modeling, prototyping and printing I had the basic designs down. But a new challenge appeared. My office ceiling slopes to follow the curve of the roof, so either I would have to have a inclining and declining slopes making running the train a manual process, or I’d have to create some type of bridge across my ceiling before the slope… and that’s just what I did.

It didn’t take long to install the parts into the wall using the jig system I created, and slight leveling adjustments were easy since I only needed a single drywall screw per mount. Anyways, that’s enough about the process. Let’s see the train!

I’m very happy with the result and see a lot of potential for others using this system in their own projects. Because of that, I’ve made the parts available for order through Etsy and will be selling them made to order for anyone interested.

I’d estimate around 40 wall mounts and 8 corner mounts would be required for a 10x10 room…