2015 Year In Review

Wasin Thonkaew
Jan 4, 2016 · 5 min read
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A Reflection On Self. An Open-ended Honest Confession.

If you read my 2014 Year In Review, then you can compare the real progress for what I’ve done in this year 2015.

The year 2015 is still the transition towards what will be installed for me ahead. The main point was that I released Zombie Hero : Revenge of Kiki in late October after 3 years in making. I’m proud enough to finally release it to the public. Although this game won’t magically makes me a financial success, but I’m natural to its result and keep moving forward. The main reason is to make stuff right? :)

2015, I stated that I will try to find time to start small business along the main project. But it turned out, I didn’t have time for that sort of thing. I will fix this in 2016.

What Went Well This Year

Yayy! Finally, I released Zombie Hero : Revenge of Kiki on iOS.

I understand more about myself. I know more about my needs regarding to business deal, or partnership that I definitely be involving with in the future. I tend to be more solo-oriented. I tend to be more on 100% ownership, and sometimes I think I have a commitment issue whether the party I involve with is business or personal. I tend to want more commitment from other side. If reciprocate, I put my all effort too. But if that doesn’t happen, then things might fall.

I’ve traveled to Ho Chi Minh for 1 month, and I met Mauro Stettler. A nerdy guy who does everything in terminal. So I got deep into the command line world even more. During that time, I created XCode project via command line, also did bunch of XCode project stuff via nerdy way of command line as you can see it here, here, here, and here. I’m so happy, and see the light of command line even more and realize that actually we can do almost all the stuff with it. Although later I fall back to XCode’s UI as what I did is totally reinvent the wheel and time consuming.

I keep the pace of learning through interesting online courses on Udemy (mainly). I try to acquire new skills for myself which are web-dev (css, html, bootstrap), iOS development with Swift, and more. I learned a course on Udemy that teaches me how to use bootstrap to create a landing page. I took that benefit to create landing page of my game here.

I’ve traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; each for 1 month. I took a train to Chiang Mai bringing my bicycle to cycle there too. The same for Ho Chi Minh trip, I onboard my bicycle there.

Once in a long while, I can say to myself that I took care of my beloved one the best I can. I took care of her, and her entire family traveling aboard to Japan. It’s one of the great moment in my life too.

What Didn’t Go So Well This Year

One of the area I didn’t do so well. Especially in client works’ deal that I didn’t get the best out of it exchanging with my times invested in it.

I behave negatively toward my family. Most of the time, I’m in the zone working on my work thus when my parents call or knock me, then I go into reaction mode negatively.

I understand more about the women in a past couple of years, but it turned out that it’s not enough. Certain circumstances, hints, spoken words; as a man, you need to catch and interpret it properly. For what? Yep, it’s for failure prevention and turn things around (most of the time).

I experienced a relationship crashing-down event in which whenever I fell, I went back to nothing. My emotional level, self-esteem, and self-worth are no more in my eye-sight. I do realize that it’s because I don’t stand for something, or have something as a core to fall back and recover when things went badly enough.

The plan to organize indie gamedev meetup in collaboration with another party failed through as I mis-manage my time as a thought that I can do multiple things in parallel. It turned out I cannot. It has to be postponed in unforeseen future. In addition, this also causes me with no time for doing side projects.

What Am I Working Toward?

After a turning point making me realize I need to keep up on understanding women, I then study from the coach Corey Wayne’s youtube channel, and also read his book on How to Be 3% Man. I applied those technique and core understanding about women into chatting with potential girls I will be dating with, and during actual date itself. It works better. I look back in the past and realize that I’m more on Mr.Nice guy for so long. I’m looking forwards to more dates when I have time in 2016 to practice those technique and core understanding towards women.

Web-development, Swift, Photography, blender, drawing and copy-writing skill are the things I want to acquire and I’m working toward them.

To put myself in a position that is not going to be taken advantage of, and express what I do want in the deal or agreement. I do trust the following statement.

You don't get what you deserve - You get what you negotiate.

I’m quite slow in implement a certain programming task. This will allow me more room for review, and do other things.

This one is left un-improved from the year 2014.

After the relationship crashing-down event, I stepped myself closer to doctrine with also practiced the dharma even though it’s just a touching level. I feel better, calmer. I now realize that this is a core that I can fall back to when things go down.

That’s it.

I hope you too have a great review to better understand yourself.
Thus better working toward 2016.

Have a great year!

Originally published at wasin.io.

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