Decision Making

Make it promptly, and change it slowly but not other way around.

I almost finish Think Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

This book points me to look at one of the areas that I lack the most and did very bad job at it. It’s a decision making (without looking back).

I love this piece that I got from the book (I modified it in my language as I just don’t want to purely copy and paste. It’s no use if you just remember it exactly. It should come from your head and heart.).

A successful person is who reaches the decision promptly or immediately, and changes it slowly, but not a person who reaches the decision slowly and changes it frequently.

Upon reading it residing in Chapter VIII : Decision of the book, I admit myself for the past several years, I have relied on the latter more than former approach. Changing decision constantly, and going back and forth without firm and solid standing point keep me on the ground (literally) especially in my comfort zone.

To be honest, after reading the paragraph above I just wrote, it’s rather too harsh to say just that. But by being hard with yourself, and merciful with others is the way you keep your standard high.

So it bounces back to my practicing ground. At that time, I need some money to spend on things that would grow me. It will be staying and working somewhere else not in Bangkok, with the benefit of distractions free. With that fact, it’s also a better way to cut out unneeded things at the same time. This kind of mindset here, and here have inspired me. Actually I did met the source of that energy at the coffee shop in Bangkok by chance a couple of months ago.

A drumkit is gone with 4 years of memory. It was there in the past.

I looked around and found a couple of major things I don’t need and can sell it out, an electric drumkit (Roland TD4KX), and PC’s hardware ie (the fact is that I would never go back to use Windows anymore. So be it). graphics card, memory, etc. I sold a drumkit, and some PC’s hardwares. It’s 4 years of memory with a drumkit, 2 live-performances, and a bunch of good old time friends. With no turning back in decision. I also learned the way of sales, and cut loose something that I don’t need for the time being.

The return I got, some will be saved, the less will go into making a way to Hanoi, Vietnam, with additional information on

The objective I go there

  • Grow
  • Change environment in working with a hope to increase my productivity compared to what I am now
  • Find some contract programming work there to help me survive longer staying there or somewhere else

Decision was made, so go along with it.

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