#gopherfest 2017 and Start contributing to #golang by small steps

May 16, 2017 · 2 min read

I went to Gopherfest 2017 in San Francisco and it was really great experience! I live in Japan and I just happened to be around here in this week, so it was great timing :)

Gopherfest 2017: https://www.meetup.com/golangsf/events/238748981/

There was a live stream too.

I enjoyed especially @francesc’s talk about “State of Go” which shows lots of cool changes between Go 1.8 and upcoming 1.9.

I like this one ;)

It was also interesting to listen @rob_pike’s talk about upspin project. I feel interface of upspin looks cool.

I was happy to come Gopherfest 2017!!!

Start contributing to Go by small steps

I didn’t know much about how Gopherfest works, so I prepared a small presentation in case there are lightning talks session or something. Unfortunately for me, there were no such talk session which I can dive into it, but I’ll show it here.

To be honest, I just quickly translated my presentation at GoCon 2017 Spring in Japan and it might be difficult to understand by just looking slides, but I hope you enjoy it.

This talk is about what, how and why I tried to contribute to Go by small steps.

Image for post

Here is original Japanese version, by the way.

I didn’t give a talk in the meetup actually though… :D

Anyway, #GopherFest was awesome! I really enjoyed it.

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