reviewdog ♡ GitHub Check — improved automated review experience

GitHub check page reported by reviewdog. Example PR:
Inline annotations in File changes tab
Status checks for each tools

I released reviewdog v0.9.9, which added support to integrate with GitHub Checks feature.

reviewdog is an automated code review tool working with any tools and can report results to code hosting service. reviewdog also support local run as well.

For more detail, see my previous post (reviewdog — A code review dog who keeps your codebase healthy) and GitHub.

reviewdog meets GitHub Check

GitHub announced New Checks API public beta last month.

Today we’re adding new functionality which allows integrations and GitHub to communicate more comprehensively about the checks run against code changes. These changes will improve your workflow by allowing you to view feedback from code checks directly in the pull request view, see the line of code causing a problem in the diff view, “re-run” checks, and more-all within the GitHub user interface.

reviewdog supported reporting results as GitHub Pull Request review comments before, but with GitHub Check feature, reviewdog can provides better automated review experience ♡.

It’s not just you can see reviewdog reports with GitHub check feature, but reviwedog also improved reports. For example, you can see findings which is not in Pull Request diff in check summary pages.

Can see findings which is not in Pull Request diff.

How to use reviewdog with GitHub check

Since the GitHub Checks API is only available to GitHub Apps, you need to install reviewdog GitHub app.

  1. Install reviedog Apps.
  2. Set REVIEWDOG_TOKEN ( Skip this step if you run reviewdog CLI in trusted CI providers (Travis CI)).
    You can get token from{owner}/{repo-name}.
  3. Run reiewdog CLI with -reporter=github-pr-check
    $ reviewdog -conf=.reviewdog.yml -reporter=github-pr-check

See README for more detail.


Since the GitHub Checks API is only available to GitHub Apps, reviewdog CLI with -reporter=github-pr-check mode talks to reviewdog service.

The server is running with my pocket money (for now) and i may break things, so I cannot ensure that the server is running 24h and 365 days.

Please bear in mind the above caution and please use it on your own risk.

The server is running on Google App Engine standard environment and the source code is open source (currently it’s in doghouse branch as of writing and will merge it to master later).

Also, it’s still early experimental stage, so I’m trying to keep compatibility and feature as much as possible, but may introduce breaking changes or could just break things. Please report any problems to GitHub issue or provide any feedback ;)

Thank you GitHub!

Thank you, @GitHub for consistently improving OSS ecosystem. The new Check feature is great :)

GitHub announced Microsoft is acquiring GitHub today. I hope GitHub will be even better places as OSS platform. (and please improve review experience more and more!)