I’d like to see more service designers playing with the web shape as a way to illustrate our interdependent social reality and more importantly, to make our self-image better reflect that reality.
The shapes of service design
katie shelly

Hey Katie,

In a talk at Imperial Innovation about About Disrupting the service economy, Ravi Chhaptar from Design Impact Group and previous Executive Strategic Director at Frog was speaking of his work, and i was actually fascinated by all the systemic thinking and representation he employed in his presentation about their service design for social impact projects. I think you would love their approach.

Also, my mentor at Fjord Madrid, she is pretty explorative and experimental in designing tools that fulfill a specific purpose based on the need of the project.

Basically, there seems to be other shapes of service design across the industry. And I would add to your conclusion which I totally agree with, that we need more sharing of best practices, methodologies, design of design processes, tools and detailed case studies across service designers to advance the impact we could make.

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