Why Do We Expect So Little For Ourselves?

DISCLAIMER: This will break all the hearts of those gushing over JT. (And no, I don’t mean Justin Timberlake, although we certainly look at Justin Trudeau as a celebrity).

Justin Trudeau has won the hearts of many people with his kindness, charm, and hospitality. #Refugeeswelcome, right?

In no way, do I belittle the iconic significance of the way in which *people escaping violence* were met at airports.

But, I’ve always had some hesitation to join his fan club.

For many, his tear shedding at airports welcoming Syrian families into Canada was a deal breaker. Yes, I do admit, those AJ+ videos were tear jerking. However, they weren’t so touching because HE welcomed them or because: “Wow, finally a politician was compassionate.” I shed tears for those who have had to seek refuge, escaped violence, and because only then were they humanized thanks to the red-carpet like reception that only *some* have received.

My criticism is not that of Justin Trudeau. He is a politician, nonetheless.

My criticism is directed at US. You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about us social media fanatics gushing over how “hot” JT is or how “Anyone wanna move to Canada?” filling up feeds with memes and GIFs.

Let me tell you why.

Firstly, to glorify him for his charm and compassion is to reduce ourselves to people who don’t deserve that ALL.THE.TIME.

No, helping a disabled person on an escalator or welcoming refugees at an airport is not exceptional. That is the MINIMUM.

Why do we expect so little for ourselves?

Why do acts of kindness seem so impossible, outrageous or out of the ordinary that they blind us from what really matters.

I don’t neglect the fact that such acts of kindness have rarely frequented our lives in such manners that our reactions are stemming from that void.

But the sooner we realize that we are worthy, the sooner we hold our leaders and politicians accountable.

Politicians speak policies. I am not saying: “No! Do not applaud his inclusive policy of refugees.” I am saying that that is the bare minimum.

Justin Trudeau has had some very questionable policies.

To start with: Opposing the BDS movement.

Supporting the BDS movement is not anti-Semitic. It is anti-occupation. It is anti human rights violations. It is one of the most compassionate show of solidarity with a people who have been denied the basic rights of life.

I’m so tired of how we turn everything into entertainment tools. I’m so tired of the limitations and conditions of our compassion and the passivity of our activism.

Justin Trudeau is NOT a celebrity. He is the leader of a country. His kindness and charm are the most basic requirements of leadership.