Making a Banana Seeker Robot with Coral Edge TPU

Everyone loves banana!

How does it work?

HW Architecture of the robot

Object Detection

Detecting multiple objects in a picture (using Vision API on GCP)

Raspberry Pi + Coral USB Accelerator + MobileNet SSD v2

Motor Driver

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
# Setup
GPIO.setup(14, GPIO.out) # connect to IN1
GPIO.setup(15, GPIO.out) # connect to IN2
GPIO.setup(18, GPIO.out) # connect to ENA
# Run a motor CW or CCW (depends on how you connect)
GPIO.output(14, GPIO.HIGH)
GPIO.output(15, GPIO.LOW)
GPIO.output(18, GPIO.HIGH)
L298N H-Bridge DC Motor Driver board

Simple Logic to Seek a Banana

Wrap up — why on edge? why need accelerator?

Too prototype? but it works!



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