Why You Should Come to LPDP Edu Fair

The image is taken by @armandasthenia.

Today is the first time of me coming to the LPDP Edu Fair. This year LPDP Edu Fair conducted in 3 different cities: Jakarta, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. This time, I’m visiting the fair in Yogyakarta. If you haven’t know what is LPDP and what is LPDP Edu Fair, you can check the link below because I won’t explain what it is.

The First 3 Hours

This is the mistake I made today, I thought by arriving at 8 AM (the fair opened at 8 AM) it will not make me stand in the queue for too long. Turn out I’m wrong. It took me about 2 hours and 50 minutes waiting for the queue.

The image is taken by A_YuanaPutra.

I do actually think that this event is kinda overloaded, but the authority already did what they can do the best. The next thing I also forgot is that I forgot to bring a book, which can accompany me to wait in line. This kind of things actually happened every time in most education fairs in Indonesia. So, my recommendation is to go an hour before the actual opening of the event (and bring some books to read).

What’s Inside

Finally, I’m inside! There are about 60 stands inside, I won’t make the complete list. There are representatives of universities from UK, Australia, Sweden, US, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, and of course Indonesia.

The Representative of Finland University. The image is taken by @RoseannaAvento.

You can also found several institutions such as Australian Embassy, Nuffic Neso, DAAD, TETO, and of course LPDP itself. So, one thing to remember is that LPDP Edu Fair is not only about the LPDP, it also covers destination universities and also other scholarships providers. Some people also didn’t know that there are several version of LPDP Scholarships such as Affirmation Scholarship or Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship. So, it’s not always about scholarship in studying abroad.

There are also presentations from those institutions in separate rooms (I didn’t really interested in joining those because they are mostly only giving us the basic information which already available on their website). It also has several presentations on the main stage, but I think the presentation on the main stage is mostly targeted for people who want to know more about LPDP or only want to have an entertainment break (there are some art performances).

One thing to note is that I do recommend for people to come to this fair if they already have some information or questions that need to be clarified. I do have questions that I need to clarify that I asked to the representative of the Nuffic Neso and LPDP, so I think it’s worth the struggle. I won’t recommend for people who are just lurking around and seeing things, you might just waste your time. Because most information available on the brochures are available online.

Wrap Up

That’s all of my experiences in my first LPDP Edu Fair. I do know that the representation of universities are mostly from Australia (even Technische Universiteit Eindhoven is not there :( ), but I do notice that it is actually an LPDP Edu Fair, not a European Education Fair so I think that’s actually fine. So, for some people who already targeting some universities, or even just started to prepare the documents for the admission I think it’s worth to go there, so you can ask to the direct representative of those institutions if you have something you don’t understand and that might help you a lot. Hopefully, it’s useful for all of you who can’t go there and thank you for reading.

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