Replicate of Andy Warhol’s film Empire

Andy Warhol’s 10 minute excerpt of the film Empire.
Meriton Building

I have chosen Andy Warhol as my filmmaker and explored the technique of a single static long shot that shows an atmospheric change. In Andy Warhol’s film, it shows the time passing by for 8 hours of the Empire State building. He films a long still shot at night from a high rise building across the building which shows different interior lights of the building flickering. This allows us to see the building as if it is floating changing the atmospheric view of the building. Similarly, in my video, the still shot of Meriton building shows an atmospheric change as the building is emerged with the night sky allowing the lights to look as if they were afloat. Both videos show a time lapse of a certain place like the Empire State building at night time to portray an atmospheric change. In both videos, the camera is quite still allowing to focus on a certain place. His style of filming is very simple but has a bigger meaning to him.


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