How to Be A Success In College and Beyond

 1. Take 2 courses that relate to potential career/major
 2. Two activities- one for pleasure, and one for career development
 3. Maintain good GPA-3.0 minimum

 1. Internship
 2. Independent study
 3. Career or academically oriented activity
 4. Summer school

 1. Use curriculum to narrow majors to one or two
 2. Academic or career oriented activity
 3. Set up study abroad plan
 4. Find an internship for summer
 5. Connect with faculty- search for mentor, potential recommend-er

 1. Study abroad one or two semesters
 2. Choose faculty mentor and stay in contact
 3. Set up summer internship that is closely aligned to major, grad school study area, or post-college job
 4. Develop senior year project or practicum
 5. Develop grad school application plan or path to employment

 1. Internship (if possible) and senior project even if school does not require
 2. Work closely with mentor
 3. Write resume, cover letter, and develop interview skills
 4. Begin to reach out to alumni in field of interest
 5. Seek out friends and family members to identify employment opportunities
 6. Choose professors who will recommend you for grad school


  • Find a good place to study during your first week on campus, many dorm rooms are not fit for studying due to noise, distraction, etc. This will make or break your first semester grades
  • Establish a solid GPA in first 2 years, 3.2 or above
  • Learn a foreign language, studies show that those who speak foreign language earn a premium in first job and throughout their career
  • Study Abroad on a serious academic program- Increasingly this is of importance in graduate school admission and hiring in first job
  • Get to know faculty- If you introduce yourself to professors in every class during first weeks of semester, you will get benefit of doubt at grade time and have a wealth of contacts for guidance/mentoring, jobs, recommendations, and study projects
  • Participate in activities- whether for academics/career or for leisure, those students who are more involved in campus culture end up with higher grades and better college experience

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.