The 11 Habits and Traits of Successful Students, How They Out-Perform Their Peers

Successful Students Operate Differently Than Their Peers.

Here’s what they do:

  1. Efficiently pull out the thesis and secondary important ideas from academic texts and lectures/discussions across every area of the core curriculum.
  2. Take notes on reading assignments that are organized, succinct, and completed prior to the topic being discussed in class.
  3. Bring their notes to class so that they can be edited and added to with new ideas covered by the teacher.
  4. Ask for assistance from teachers, parents, tutors when the student does not fully understand a topic or assignment, well in advance of due dates.
  5. Plan each week so that they can efficiently complete all schoolwork and have plenty of time for play, social activities, and relaxation.
  6. Clarify the results they would like to achieve at school and in life and hold themselves to those goals.
  7. Break down large goals and projects into small and specific tasks to be completed.
  8. Know and maintain the routines, habits, and feelings that keep the student healthy, happy, and productive.
  9. Accurately gauge the amount of time needed to complete school and personal tasks.
  10. Review the preceding week’s tasks in order to keep track of uncompleted tasks and lessons to be learned from positive and negative results.
  11. Make consistent, regular efforts over time rather than working in an all or nothing fashion.