Case Study — Sumry

A story-based resume that allows you to showcase your unique personality and land your dream job.

Hayden Bleasel
Mar 27 · 3 min read

Sumry a platform designed to create the complete picture of you, to help you land your dream job, improve your networking or just impress your colleagues. Your current professional presence at most you tell people where you work, a quick snapshot of you and lists your formal work and education history.

A Sumry profile tells much more by interweaving your unique story with your professional achievements, sprinkled with your own personality. The goal is to create a timeline that is the truest picture of you, helping future employers really understand you and what you have done. In the biz we call this culture fit, normally sussed out by an onsite interview. Sumry was positioned to provide it digitally.

We’ve realised that we have just scratched the surface of effectively telling your professional story in a quick yet engaging form. We believe that our unique stories contain the power to connect us with companies and other professionals. Many “professional social networks” are just traditional, boring resumes but online. They’re based on meaningless vanity metrics like “500+ connections” and even undermine the authenticity of relationships with one-click endorsements for people we don’t know and skills we’re not sure they possess.

I jumped on the Sumry bandwagon in mid-2014 as a front-end developer, joining Sebastian (who took care of strategy and back-end development) and Nate (who took care of sales, marketing and everything else). What started as honing my Javascript skills turned into learning full-stack development, branding, product design and strategy — a skillset which I now use everyday.

Over the course of one year, I designed and implemented an entirely new user interface and platform from ground up, built on Angular. I also spent a lot of time refining the logo, colour palette, social media and overall brand identity. I was even fortunate enough to dabble in customer support, where I realised that startups have the unfair advantage of being able to really get to know their customers.

Sumry Login

The overhaul was extensive and covered a lot of missing pieces in the product strategy. We created an analytics dashboard so users could see the impressions they were getting. We gamified data collection by highlighting missing fields and profile completion. We added a great little feature called Storyteller — a guided approach to creating a profile by answering a few easy questions.

We also redesigned the Sumry PDF — a generated traditional resume that you can use to apply anywhere. This is gives future employers a taste of what you have done, but drawing them back to your online Sumry profile for the full picture.

Sumry PDF

While Sumry didn’t really go anywhere, I was super happy with what I learned and contributed. In less than a year, I learned to design and build real products, as well as launch a platform that replaces your resume with an interactive timeline and helps employers understand the real you. We also had the pleasure of getting our users jobs at companies such as Facebook and Google. The new product was covered in Lifehacker, Mashable, TheNextWeb, StartupDaily and StartupDope if you’re keen for some further reading.

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