5 Things I’ve learned being 19 years old.

  1. Become friends with everyone. One thing we tend to forget is that every single person has their own life they are living. They have their own responsibilities, wants, and needs, and no matter if for some reason you think you are better than them, you aren’t. The more that you can do to just be friendly to people, the happier you will end up.
  2. Keep a very close eye on your attention and what it’s directed to. Since everyone is looking down at pieces of glass more and more, we have to remember to still be present in the moment, and we also have to make sure we are putting positive influences in our life. Think of it like a friend. If you had a friend showing and telling you things all day long, eventually you would start to think like and feel similar to your friend. Controlling what I watch and consume isn’t about not censoring certain things, but direct your attention to content with value and things that benefit you.
  3. Having control of your direction in life is both amazing and horrifying at the same time. There is so many different paths that it is both the best and the worst time to grow up. I feel like the ability for me to learn for free or very cheaply has never been better, but at the same I’m hard pressed to pick because they all appear to be a great and equal options. Sometimes I feel like the donkey stuck between hay bails.
  4. No one has ever laid on their deathbed and wished that they would have gone into work more. I think that I definitely struggled with asking for time off from my bosses this year. Missing family events that you will never have the opportunity to go to again is not worth it just to sit at work if you can at least ask. Tomorrow business will carry on as usual, and I shouldn’t fret, because what good is a couple extra hours if you dont have family to enjoy the benefits of the extra money with.
  5. Talks with my parents are super important. When I moved out, my responsibilities for the house got moved to my little brother, so when I talk to my parents the topics tend to sway more to things like growing up and the future and how things will all get better. These talks are super important for just keeping myself grounded and they always remind about the importance of family.

That’s it for now. If you have any suggestions for my writing please comment them! Thank you!