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A Solution For The Future

What if there was something we could do to save the planet? Something that could be done as a species, a civilization an individual. A cynical perspective would be that we’re doomed; that at this point there is nothing we can do to prevent an apocalypse of complete and total ecological collapse. An optimist would say that it’s never too late; that there are things that we can and must do — as the most intelligent species on the planet — to save our Mother Earth. As a journalist I try not to lean one way or the other and take the neutral perspective but it cannot be denied that there are some serious issues that too few are addressing.

How much waste and pollution does one human being produce in a day, in a week, month or year? How much does that human give back to our planet in that time span? You don’t have to be a scientist, ecologist or mathematician to know the answer to that question is a truly grim and disappointing one. Our way of life is not sustainable, too many people live their lives without a second thought about how our planet is doing or even nature itself.

Why is this? Are we all truly so ignorant of the real danger of global collapse? Or are most of us more aware than we let on and make a conscious choice to ignore it? Maybe we are all cynics and don’t believe there is anything to be done? Maybe we think our lifetimes are too short to even care? Whatever the reason is for such a small population of ‘tree-huggers’ it stands to reason that most people are wrong in choosing not to care and yes, it is a choice.

What if there was a quick fix? What if there was an algorithm to calculate what each person could do in their lives to reverse the damage done to our one and only home planet Earth? By ‘quick’ I’m saying a generation’s worth of time, a small blip in the grand lifetime of our planet. Would people be willing to change? Do people care enough about our future generations? Most importantly would it work? Or are the cynics right after all?

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