John Conyers is Not Fit to Serve

His mental health has severely deteriorated.

Tiffany Hayden (on left) and John Conyers (on right)

It doesn’t feel good writing a post to tell the world that John Conyers is no longer fit to serve, but the consequence of not doing it means another lost opportunity for metro-Detroit to finally have representation in Congress -something we desperately need. Under normal circumstances, I’m not an advocate for term limits, but I think when a politician hits the half century mark, it’s safe to assume something funny is going on. Did you know that John Conyers didn’t even make the ballot in 2014? A federal judge wrote him in.

What does Detroit have to show for the 50+ years that John Conyers has been in office? What does Michigan have to show for them? Our state is ranked dead last in transparency and ethics. Corruption is everywhere. It has caused our more than inadequate schools to be underfunded, our neighbors to drink poisoned water, and as politicians lied through their teeth, their developer friends lined their pockets.

Detroit has been plagued with corruption for so long that many residents don’t even give it a second thought. It’s all they know, it never stops, and nothing changes. I am the only one who will do something about the pervasive corruption plaguing Detroit.

What if I told you there is a country where people claim that it is not possible for the government to lie to its citizens? It sounds crazy, right? But is it?

I am Tiffany Hayden, the Libertarian candidate for Michigan’s District 13. You may have never heard of me before. After all, I’m not a celebrity or a career politician. I’m not on TV and newspapers don’t quote me.

But I am here. I believe in smaller government, more freedom, and fewer taxes. I am a passionate, tireless and technologically savvy advocate for transparency and accountability. I am just a regular person, very much like you. I am running because I want to make a difference in the world, for myself and my children, and for you and yours!

And unlike my opponent — John Conyers — who expects your votes and doesn’t think he should even actively campaign for them, I relish the opportunity to reach out to you. To listen, learn and and earn your vote. 
I knew from the beginning that my chances of winning were practically nonexistent, but I chose to run because I couldn’t allow somebody who shouldn’t be running at all to run essentially unopposed. I chose to run because enough is enough. Because John Conyers is no longer qualified to represent us! 
For too long, government has run wild. I believe that it’s time for us, the citizens, to reassess the way our government functions and how it spends our money. We should demand transparency so we can know, with certainty, where our money is going. We should require the adoption of performance-based approaches so we can know what our money achieves and whether or not it’s being squandered..

The best way to do this is through technology that binds lawmakers to their commitments through self-executing contracts that ensure compliance exists. Contracts that cannot be stopped or modified at the whim of future politicians. Imagine if this had been possible when social security was first enacted. Maybe today, beneficiaries wouldn’t have to endure living under the constant threat of cutbacks, because politicians have been treating the Social Security Fund like a piggy bank for their pet projects. Unlike politicians, cryptographically secure technology operates with integrity.
I believe that we need to tackle these issues head on and that no career politician is willing or able to do this.
But winning a seat is not easy. Politicians — like John Conyers — and their taskmasters have made it hard, so they can keep their stranglehold on power. The average cost of a campaign for Congress is $1.7M. I’m running on less than $5,000.

This is where a typical politician would ask you for money. But I’m not a typical politician and I’m not going to ask you for money.

I am asking for your vote. Please take a few minutes to look over my website and learn a little more about me and my positions on issues that affect our everyday lives.

And I want to encourage you to consider fully voting by choosing individual candidates, instead of voting for a straight ticket by choosing a party.

Thank you,

Tiffany Hayden

P.S.: One last thing… If you really dislike me or Libertarians in general, there is a Republican candidate running for Congress in this district as well. His name is Jeff Gorman. We’ve had coffee together and I can personally attest to him not being senile. :) Jeff and I agree on more than we don’t and if I wasn’t running myself, I’d give him my vote.

P.P.S.: If you would like to help me get my name out there, please email this article to anyone you know who might live in my district. The cities in Congressional District 13 (although some only partially) are: Detroit, Westland, Wayne, Garden City, Inkster, Dearborn Heights, Redford, Romulus, Melvindale, River Rouge, Ecorse, Hamtramck, and Highland Park.

Regarding the deteriorating mental health of John Conyers:

Nolan Finley from the Detroit Free Press
“I’ve also seen him when he was addled and agitated, seemingly unaware of purpose and place.” -Nolan Finley
“But here’s something else you should know about John Conyers: Increasingly, he isn’t the man he once was. Sometimes he doesn’t appear to know where he is, or why.” -Jack Lessenberry
John Conyers (D-Mich.) has been absent from the most votes according to a new analysis by Vocativ in partnership with