The Lasting Effects of National Board Certification on Teachers and Students

Research has shown that teachers who are board-certified improve their classrooms for a number of reasons. That improvement can range from bettering their teaching methods, enhancing the classroom environment and the morale of their students, or becoming more prominent leaders in the community. Regardless of what it is, there is a clear positive relationship between board-certification and the impact it has on teachers and their roles in the lives of others. Teachers who are board certified are better equipped for the challenging aspects of their job and more capable of forming meaningful relationships with their students.

The World Class Teaching Program of Mississippi was founded in 1966 to supplement the board-certification process. Teachers who complete the certification receive numerous benefits, including an annual salary raise of $6,000, mentoring support, reimbursement of fees for the program, certification for 10 years, as well as learning skills that will help them further their career as an educator and leader inside and outside of the classroom.

According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the state of Mississippi is participating in the National Board Transforming Literacy through Certification Grant, which will in turn help improve and ensure that students are reading on the level that is appropriate for their grade. Throughout the state of Mississippi, six universities have partnered with the National Board to enable almost 4,000 teachers to participate in the World Class Teaching Program.

In Summer 2017, the University of Mississippi began offering an online self-paced course through Blackboard, in addition to their existing face-to-face course. The course consists of learning modules, assignments, and mentors answering questions and providing feedback. Before the online course, many teachers were not able to participate in the certification due to other obligations, if they were not close to one of the universities. This online course should give all teachers the opportunity to have the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

Watch “What Teachers Should Know.” to learn more about how National Board Certification has helped both teachers and students succeed.


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