I don’t understand why it’s all about Millennials?
Elizabeth Magallon-Fleury

Elizabeth, I agree it is up to all of us to make the changes necessary. In Kimbal’s last webinar in which he gave more information on the Square Roots mission, he specified that simply his target market for participants for the program is 18–21 year old college students. I think this is because Millennials are not yet tied down with the baggage of life: Mortgages, marriages, children, and so we have that flexibility to pursue year long ventures such as this with less risk. He also mentioned that the program would not discriminate based on age, and that everyone is free to apply. As you said, older adults have more life experience which is invaluable. However, I think younger entrepreneurs are trending because we are growing up being told to take more risks and not follow the traditional the college, 9–5 job, and retire at 65 route.

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