Activism and organizing training resources

A colleague posted on Facebook looking for short videos demonstrating good examples of grassroots action. Great question:

I am looking for short videos that document successful grassroots activism in action and/or explain how it is done — especially examples that are creative and/or go into some depth. (Not just footage of protests.) Suggestions?

And I don’t have a great answer off the top of my head. I suggested she connect with Momentum (they’re doing great organizing trainings) but not sure if they have videos, per se.

Seems like there isn’t a good collection of these in one place. [This would be a good spot to post links to such videos, by the way.]

That said, it prompted me to gather together several activism training resources I’ve bookmarked recently and shared with clients or through the global Mobilisation Lab network.

The List

Here’s a lightly annotated list. Please add others.

Wellstone tools and resources 
Home for training materials from New Organizing Institute. Power mapping, campaign strategy, more. organizing and training library
Resources to run trainings, workshops, meetings and develop/implement organizing strategy.

Beautiful Rising
Examples, stories, resources created by experienced activists and campaigners in the global south. Videos, worksheets, first-hand stories and more.

Commons Library
Best practices and organizing tools from organizations and activists around the world.

WITNESS Resources
WITNESS helps people use video to document and organize against human rights abuses. Likely to become more useful for American activists in coming months.

CodePink Action Toolkit
Organizing, fundraising, direct action, social media and more.

Training for Change
Long-time provider of training and resources for direct action and grassroots organizing.

Ruckus Society (see resources drop down menu)
Great materials for strategy development, organizing direct actions, more.

Hollaback videos
Hollaback provides resources, support and training to stop harassment and discrimination.

Movement Strategy Center publications and tools
Slide decks and recordings from webinars + research, reports and guides on campaign and movement leadership. Some aimed at activists, others more train the trainers style.

Social Transformation Project — Tools for Transformation
A deep and broad collection of resources for activists, consultants and trainers.

Campaign Strategy resources
A huge list of training materials, books, websites and more compiled by Chris Rose.

How to give a digital security training
Don’t underestimate the need for security! More here.

MAKERS Women Organizers stories
This isn’t really a resource or training tool for grassroots action but this collection of interviews with activists and changemakers including Rita Mae Brown, Dolores Huerta, Ai-jen Poo and more should inspire anyone.

There’s a lot missing from this list, of course. What should we add? What have you found useful?