Apple and the tech industry’s John Galt moment

The standoff between Apple and an increasing number of tech industry giants vs. government over government’s desire to coerce the industry into abiding by its rules when it comes to encryption/security has the potential to greatly accelerate a pro-freedom libertarian revolution. The world’s brightest and most passionate dreamers are employed by such tech giants. This stand-off will motivate many to question the role and authority of governments like they never have before. As they do this many will inevitably stumble upon libertarianism and the writings of Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, Hazlitt, et al. They will realize that as wonderful as coming up with the latest technology that can transform our lives, such technological achievements pale in comparison to helping spread an understanding of how a free society is the real key to prosperity. And when enough of them realize this, and seek each other out and reach a tiny but critical mass. KABOOM! a John Galt moment can take place where the industry giants refuse to go along with all the ignorant socialist-minded policies that are destroying our world, and as they do this they will help educate the public and help bring about the great libertarian revolution. A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to see great libertarian popularizer Jeffrey Tucker give a talk at google. I saw it as further proof of the nearly inevitable. The proper understanding of the socioeconomic world as presented by the “Austrians” and fellow free-marketeers is reaching important people. Those of us who want to help bring about this libertarian revolution need not necessarily try to educate everyone, if we could somehow just help reach this critical mass of industry leaders, the job will be done. What would happen when a living tech God like Linus Torvalds stumbles upon the Austrians? Or people like Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg?

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