Clear skin tips — by my cosmetician

Yesterday I visited my sweet dear beauty parlol. Not gonna write pages about my experience ( I could, though), let’s get onto the tips!

What to eat?

No to little meat, absolutely no wheat, no dairy (go vegan, basically). Plenty of water. Everybody says this, but again, drinking water is one of the most important things when you’re trying to clean your skin. Nettle and green tea (without sugar, of course) are your best friends. Cut sweets and junk food out, you don’t need them, love. Try different vegetables and fruits instead. Avocadoes, cucumbers, berries… Feel free to eat them!

What else?

Sleep at least 8 hours every day. After waking up (before your morning coffee, you could cut that out,too) drink a glass of water with some lemon. Then, eat. Before going to sleep, drink another glass of lemon-water as well, but you could drink that all day, if you want to. Try out soaps (only soaps, no liquid stuff for batheing) with sulfur in them, they work well (of course, if you’re allergic to sulfur, stay away from that soap, girl). Stop touching your face unnecessarily!

So, in cloncusion:

go vegan if you can, but if for example, eggs are good for you, eat them. No dairy, no wheat. Lot of water, all day every day. Green and nettle tea are amazing for your skin. Sulfur can work well, but only if you sleep at least 8 hours!

Remember, change takes time. After one or two weeks, you’ll probably notice the effects of your new lifestyle. It won’t be easy, but it’ll worth it. And of course, go to a cosmetician and a dermatologist. They’ll know better. Since I’m neither, I can only share tips what I found helpful and what my cosmetician told me. There is nothing shameful in acne and pimples, just like there is nothing shameful in going to a professional for help. So put your unnecessary masculinity down, and go to one! It’s your skin after all, therefore all the choices are yours.