Accessibility best practices aren’t just useful for people with disabilities — they create a better user experience for everyone.

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Photo by Christina Morillo

Web accessibility standards have evolved exponentially in the past decade. Inclusivity in software design is becoming the new norm and along with it brings about some serious challenges for how companies develop their web sites and applications.

The question, “Is it compliant?” is more commonly asked during design ideation phases today than ever before. Instead of designing around accessibility or backlogging long lists of bugs that inevitably slow design sprints, why not incorporate accessibility best practices from the very beginning — during the MVP stages of a product’s design?

Businesses are figuring out that when they build applications for strictly sighted or non-disabled individuals, it inevitably comes back to bite them. Incorporating web accessibility standards early in application development will save companies time and resources and provide a better user experience. …


Haylee Nighbert

UX/UI Designer with a passion for coding, gaming, photography, and basically all things tech.

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