I Have Never Been So Excited for the Future

Wow is all I have to say…

After today, I’m tempted to pack up my bags and head to New York City just like Matt Miller did.

As a small town girl from Nebraska, I have always thought that the more lights, the more opportunity. With that in mind, I have decided to dream big.

New York City has been a dream of mine since I can even remember. My laptop and phone background have been of New York City for over two years now and Matt Miller reminded my of the reason why I set it as so.

Before today’s class started I was talking to a classmate and asked him:

“Everyone in CTV is on Twitter tweeting about their niche.. but I didn’t gain my following by only talking about sports, I gained it from being funny (at least… I think I’m hilarious), should I change the way I post my content?”

It wasn’t much later until Matt Miller answered my question. I had never thought out being involved in Deadspin until he mentioned something, and now I have opened many doors to my future just by asking a simple question.

Seeing a Colorado State graduate move on to do amazing things is pushing me to strive towards greatness because if he can make it, so can I.

First goal, New York City….

Next, to speak to JTC 341 in a couple of years.

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