Sex- Me, Myself and my selfish boyfriend!

So, I’m a 21 year old female, recently moved in with my boyfriend and all of a sudden sex has disappeared… well, not completely- but enough to make me feel totally short changed!! Even when it does happen he makes me feel like I should be grateful for his services!!

I do my best, I dress in sexy clothing, I pay attention to my hair and makeup, I am sure to look my best for him at all times. Is it appreciated? Is it heck!

So here’s how a day in my life goes. He goes off to work, I go off to work and the office hell begins. I spend my day answering the phone, explaining to arrogant customers that I cannot grant them a clear CRB because they do in fact- hold a criminal record! So, stress levels rise, dislike of people also rises. I get home just before my knight in shining armour is due to return. I’m stressed, I’m angry, I want a release, I stop…. I think… “hmm, I’m going to rock his world tonight”.

I run upstairs, let my hair down, put on some sexy lingerie, take a very suggestive photograph and text it to him… “I can’t wait til you get home xxx”… Now, the responses I receive are 9 times out of 10 NOT the responses I want. What I’m hoping for is “wow! Baby you’re so sexy, I can’t wait to rip that off you”, just how it was in the beginning. Here’s a few examples of what I actually receive…

“Hey, will be home soon, can you warm the chilli up xxx”

“Will call you when I’m finished”

And of course “I love you baby”…. Which is wonderful!! I adore the fact he tells me this everyday… but sometimes I just want him to grab me, slam me against the wall and ravage me, like he would if I were Denaries (sp?) from game of thrones!

He never acknowledges my efforts, I could be there in a solid gold and diamond basque and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid! I begin to question myself- am I ugly? Does he not fancy me? Am I too fat? Am I not what he expects me to be?

Which gets me onto my next point, porn.

He claims he doesn’t feel great, he’s stressed, he hasn’t been feeling it… He must think I’m daft! I wake in the middle of the night and hear the muffled porn cries through his headphones, I see the secret handshake he and his penis engage in!

So- I get angrier, you know what I do ladies? I get off in front of him, I moan loudly, just like porn, I get mine and I make him watch! And if he tries to touch me? I refuse!!! He will learn. I don’t mind him watching porn, heck I even do at times!! What I do begrudge- is him spending more time with his palm- than with me.

So ladies- having the same problem? Man too sodding lazy to give you what you want?

Drive him WILD!! Make him WATCH!! Be WICKED!!

Remember the 3 W’s!!! #IllGetMineBuddy

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