Knowledge Vs. No-ledge

There was an article written recently about a NYC journalist who made 95K, but was still unhappy with where she was in life. So, she did what any of us would do — sold every item she owned and moved to St. John of the U.S. Virgin Islands to word at a local ice cream parlor. What’s funny is that the people she’s met there were searching for happiness too, even though they’d been very successful in the states. She met doctors, lawyers, marines, cooks, mechanics, and even a NASA employee.

I wanted to quit college the second I finished reading it. I don’t want to be on this earth forcing myself to do the will of what my family and my country expect of me. I’d rather be working for minimum wage at an ice cream shop or as a shoe shiner in Greece, or a janitor in Argentina. I have no desire to be handed my diploma and have a seat at a desk next to the long line of graduates before me who type mindlessly at their computers while nodding in compliance to anything asked of them. Why does having a college degree of a major that you were forced to pick in two years before you even hit your twenties mean you’re required to use it? I did not choose to get this simple slip of paper. I did not pay for this symbol of knowledge. I had no choice in enrolling in a four year university. It wasn’t just expected of me but required. My entire life has been built on expectations and requirements and none of them have gotten me to the place I’d like to be mentally and emotionally.

Half of college is about gaining knowledge in a professional field and the other half is gaining knowledge on a human level. I’ve learned more from the people I’ve surrounded myself with and the city I’ve moved to than I could ever have been taught at an institution. I suppose an art degree really was the right choice for me, despite the criticism, because I refuse to be marched into a line of respected moral and character set by people who did not create me. God tells us that He will provide, but He never said I had to do what the humans around me tell me to do in order to recieve His compensation.

What do I know. I’m just twenty something, right?