Why Crying at Christmas is my favorite.

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good blanket, a dog, a laptop and crying your eyes out to some good holiday commercials. Heck, I usually spiral into non-holiday tear jerkers to see how much I can shatter my own heart in one sitting.

Give me the puppies. The homeward bound soldiers. The squishy, adorable old men. The random acts of kindness. The love a teen boy still has for his mommy. If there is one time of the year brands can use my emotions against me to purchase their products, it’s Christmas.

Lingering questions: Why do grocery store want to emotionally destroy me? May I invite all of the lonely elders to my house for Christmas? How are all of the dogs so smart and helpful? Mine just pee on the tree skirt and turn tricks for treats.

I think we like to cry at Christmas because it’s our time to access our hearts and examine how it has changed over time. People come and go in our lives, we lose jobs and have babies. We move to new cities and fall in love. And every December, it’s our time look around and to take stock of our lives; experiencing our age old tradition with new eyes and hearts, for better or worse. It’s our heart’s homecoming for ourselves, our families and our world around us.

Plus, isn’t it nice to FEEL? After we’ve dieted and partied and worked our bums off and held it together in front of our boss and lost our hearts to the grind of life and expectations culture puts on us as men, women, and adults in general, (inhale) isn’t it nice to just kick up your feet and cry your cold dead heart into a living, beating being? In our Christmas sobbery, we shed our assumed roles our society has thrust upon us and become a member of the human race — nothing more.

After watching YouTube videos of Walmart Moms drop kicking each other over a doll, it’s nice to be reminded that regardless of our downfalls, we all have good in us. It’s what unifies us, if only for a few moments at the end of December. So I guess you could say that crying connects me with everyone and everything, so sad Christmas commercials are actually a great gift to us.

While it’s nothing close to a comprehensive list of my greatest hits for sobbing, these are some of my favorite ways to cry.

The newest member of club is the ad from a Swiss grocery brand, who must know I’m an American married to a European husband. Okay, he speaks English, but picturing my father-in-law telling a rubber ducky ‘you are perfect.’ shatters me.
Grocery stores are OG. Heartless, ruthless feelings stealers.
Restoring my belief that at our core, we can be generous and thoughtful, one UP-esque commercial at a time.
We depart from holiday to remember that humans are good! We really are!
Still one of my all-time favorite commercials, our ideas are precious fluffy babies that just need a hug and a spotlight.
And for my piece de resistance, my dad is a liar. Have fun in therapy.

Happy crying,