The Spork

Personal Selection (What are some reasons you selected this tool?)

My design tool choice is the hybrid of a spoon and fork, the spork. I was trying to think of a tool that most people use and they don’t even realize how helpful it is. Sporks are also awesome.


Patents for designs that resemble a spork date back all the way to at least 1874. The term “spork” was first used in the US and UK not too long after the patents went through. Samuel W. Francis is credited for patenting the first spoon, fork, knife hybrid utensil.


The function/purpose of the spork is to make eating easier. If you are trying to eat a variety of different things that are solid and liquid, why use two different utensils when you can just use the one.


Sporks are primarily used in a group setting instead of at home use. They are seen in schools, camps, prisons, military bases, backpackers, and also on airplanes. They are made for anyone and everyone to make eating simpler.

Materials + Production

Sporks can be made in a variety of different ways. They can be plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and silver. The material is based on the setting you are using the utensil. If it is for home use, you would more likely use the metal spork. If you were traveling or you needed to only use it once, I would think the plastic spork is a better choice.


Depending on the type of material you decide to purchase the spork in, they can be insanely affordable. A pack of plastic sporks can be up to only about a dollar at a convenient store. The stainless steel and other types of metal sporks may be a bit more expensive, but nothing that would cost you too much.

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